Friday Challenge – My Answer – Chart This Data in Excel

Challenge – Chart This Data in Excel – My Answer

A few Fridays ago, I posted this challenge:

Link here: friday-challenge-chart-this-data-in-excel

Where I asked you to send in your sample charts for this data set:

Data and Request

Courier Dis (mi) Pkg (#) Price ($) Pkg (#) Price ($)
FedEx 5 1 16.00 5 80.00
UberRUSH 5 1 21.00 5 105.00
biolab 5 1 5.00 5 25.00
FEDEX 20 1 38.00 5 190.00
UberRUSH 20 1 66.00 5 330.00
biolab 20 1 5.00 5 25.00
FEDEX 45 1 60.00 5 300.00
UberRUSH 45 1 141.00 5 705.00
biolab 45 1 5.00 5 25.00

And we wanted to know how you would graph this data in Excel.

My Chart

Here is how I would chart the data.  It is an Excel Column Chart that is using the data from a Pivot Table.  So I guess technically it is a Pivot Chart :).  You can download this sample chart and play around with the Slicers and Pivot Table below.

Friday Challenge Pivot Chart with Slicers
Friday Challenge Pivot Chart with Slicers

Here are a few notes about this chart.

  1. It has dynamic characteristics because I added Slicers so that the user can choose what to compare/view in the graph.
  2. It is using Multi Level Category Labels on the X (Horizontal) Axis
  3. It is a Pivot Chart that is based off of a pivot table


Additional Chart Resources

Here are additional links that will help you learn how to replicate this chart:


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Pivot Table Details

As you replicate this chart, here is how your final Pivot Table and Field List will look for your Pivot Chart:

Friday Challenge Pivot Table for Pivot Chart with Slicers
Friday Challenge Pivot Table for Pivot Chart with Slicers




Friday Challenge Pivot Table Field List for Pivot Chart with Slicers
Friday Challenge Pivot Table Field List for Pivot Chart with Slicers

Sample File Download

You can download the free sample file here: Friday-Challenge-Answers-Chart-this-Data-in-Excel.xlsx

Hopefully this will help you create your next Excel Dashboard Chart.



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