Sum Across Excel Worksheets Tabs

How-to Easily Sum Across Excel Worksheet Tabs (Plus Friday Challenge)

Sum Excel Worksheets Technique Why haven't I known about this simple Excel technique before now? Maybe you were aware how you can easily Sum Excel Worksheets...
Excel Array Solution

Data Transformation – Excel Array Solution

In a recent Friday Challenge, I asked our readers to transform an varying text string into dates and values to determine averages.  Well although...
Data Transformation Butterfly Image

Friday Challenge – Data Transformation Solution

In the latest Friday Challenge, you were tasked with creating a Data Transformation Formula for the data listed on this page: Friday Challenge Data...
Data Transformation Formulas in Excel

Friday Challenge – Data Transformation

This weekend starts the ModelOff competition. "ModelOff is the world’s largest professional competition for Microsoft Excel, Financial Analysis, Investment Analysis and Financial Modelling." -Modeloff Site If...
Excel Array Formulas SumIF

Advanced Excel Summation Skills – Using ARRAY Formulas to Check for Multiple Criteria

In this post, I will show you another Excel summation technique that you can use to evaluate criteria and then sum the data based on that...
Learn SumProduct and SumIF Excel Functions

Advanced Excel Summation Skills Using SUMIFS and SUMPRODUCT

In this post, I will show you 2 other techniques that you can use to evaluate criteria and then create a sum of data...
Grouping Pivot Table Data in Excel

Advanced Excel Summation Techniques Using Pivot Table

There are many ways to Sum data in Excel.  But when you have lots and lots of data, then you will want to learn...
Excel greek summation symbol

Friday Challenge – Advanced Excel Summation Skills

  This is a fun skills challenge to make sure you are well rounded.  What is the SUM of your Excel Game?  You will find...
Friday Challenge - Find Unique Class List in Excel ANSWER

Friday Challenge – Find Unique Class List in Excel ANSWER

On Friday, I posted this challenge: https://www.exceldashboardtemplates.com/friday-challenge-find-unique-list-in-excel/ You can download the sample data set here:  Challenge Sample Data Check out the post and download / try it yourself before you...
Find a Unique Class List-in Excel

Friday Challenge – Find Unique List in Excel

It is time for another Friday Challenge.  This is based on actual scenario from a recent project. A user had a large list of values in...
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