How-to Group and Categorize Excel Chart Legend Entries

If you have a chart with Legends, then you should check out this tutorial. Recently when working on a solution for a fan, I noticed...
Unprotect Worksheet Buttons

How-to Unprotect an Excel Worksheet If You Forgot the Passcode

Several years ago, I created an Excel workbook and I "Protected" a worksheet, but, I forgot the passcode the next day.  Try and try,...
Network Data Usage Excel Chart

How-to Visualize 17000 Data Points of Upload and Download Times

In the last Friday Challenge, I presented you with 17,000+ data points representing 2 days of network data usage. With so many data points, it...

Final Stacked Column Pivot Chart with a Grand Total Line

How-to Add a Grand Total Line on an Excel Stacked Column Pivot Chart

Today I answer a viewer question. "How do I add a cumulative grand total amount as a line above a stacked column pivot chart...

How-to Draw a Straight Line with Excel Shapes

Have you ever tried to draw a straight line in Excel only to get frustrated? It can be so Frustrating :) to be off by...

Excel Pranks: Non-VBA Edition 1

We should have some fun as it is the start of a long weekend and the end of summer. So what better way to have...

How-to Create a Dynamic Excel Pivot Table Dashboard Chart

In my last 2 posts: I showed you how to setup your data in preparation for creating a dynamic dashboard chart Part 1: think-like-a-database-designer-before-creating-an-excel-dashboard-chart And then I...

How-to Quickly Find and Jump to the Right Worksheet Tab in Your Excel Workbook

As Excel users, we may create a spreadsheet with many many many worksheets (tabs at the bottom) within the workbook.  However, if you create...

How-to Create a Time Data Series Step Chart in Excel

In our recent Friday challenge, we were asked by Anna how can we make our popular Excel Step Chart work for data that is...

Pipeline Challenge Matching Stacked Bar Chart Colors to Products without VBA

In our recent Friday Challenge, we were tasked with creating a Stacked Bar Chart where the colors matched the products.  You can check out...
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