Copy Paste vs Fill Handle Copy with Tables References in an Excel formula

In this recent post: Friday Challenge Answers – Cumulative Events Over Time I created a formula that referenced a table.  As I created my video I...

How-to Quickly Get Excel Function Help Plus a Bonus Tip

In a recent post, I was exploring Excel AverageIF and other Average functions and I realized that I don’t know that much about the...

How-to Line Up Your Excel Worksheet Embedded Charts

Have you ever created a lot of charts in an Excel Worksheet and drove yourself crazy trying to line the charts up? Notice how the...

How-to Make an Excel Chart with 3 Different Column Widths (Bullet Chart Option 2)

In are recent post, I showed you how to create a Bullet Chart in Excel.  Pete, then sent me another way to create a...

Fixing Your Excel Chart When the Multi-Level Category Label Option is Missing.

I am so happy to help my fans, and I saw a recent comment on an older posting of mine and I thought I...

How-to Create a Step Chart in Excel with 3 Quick Steps

Here is the first and easiest answer to the challenge on posted on Friday. In case you missed it, you can check it out and...

My Excel Worksheet Only has 65000 Rows When Saving As Excel 2013 Workbook

So that everyone can use my Excel Charts and Dashboard Templates, I typically save my files in an Excel 97-2003 format.  There are other...

How-to Fake an Excel Chart Data Table

Fake an Excel Chart Data Table Yesterday, I showed you how you can use the Horizontal Axis option of “Multi-level Category Labels” to create a...

How-to Show Text in an Excel Chart Data Table (Part 1)

Yesterday, I showed you how you can use the new label options in Excel 2013 to help Kevin with his engineering chart.  But we...

How-to Close the Gaps Between Chart Series in an Excel Stacked Clustered Column Chart

Many users like to create a chart that Excel doesn’t have as a chart type.  It is a combination of a clustered column and...
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