Excel Pranks: Non-VBA Edition 1

We should have some fun as it is the start of a long weekend and the end of summer.

So what better way to have fun than with some pranks.  And better yet, Excel Pranks.

Excel Pranks

I saw a great thread in an Excel forum about pranks that you can do in Excel.  Most of them involved VBA, so I thought about ones that you can pull on your boss and co-workers without VBA.  Let me know what you think and if you have any great pranks in the comments below.

Non-VBA Prank 1

Change the Excel Options Default Font = Wingdings and Font Size = 72

To do this, go to Excel Options from the File ribbon:

Excel Options

And then from the General Tab, change the font and font size:

Excel General Option Pranks


Non-VBA Prank 2

Remove all the Ribbons from the Customize the Ribbons Excel Options.

To do this, go to Excel Options from the File ribbon:

Excel Customize Ribbons Options Pranks

And uncheck all of the Main Tab ribbons.

These Excel Pranks will work after you close Excel

Restart Excel for Options to Take Effect

and reopen a BLANK workbook:New Excel Blank Workbook

When your (soon to be not so close) friends do this, their Excel workbook will look crazy like this:

Excel Pranks No Ribbons Crazy Large Wingdings Font

With no ribbons at the top and almost all text and numbers changed to unreadable symbols.


Video Demonstration.

Let me know how long it takes your co-workers to fix the problems.  I bet 5 minutes at least.  Here is to you hoping you have had a great summer!