How-to Draw a Straight Line with Excel Shapes

Have you ever tried to draw a straight line in Excel only to get frustrated?

Not so straight line

It can be so Frustrating 🙂 to be off by one or 2 pixels.

How to draw a straight line in Excel


Well Excel has the solution and you may not know the extremely easy Trick.


Here is the Tip:

Hold down the Shift Key while you draw the line with your mouse.

As you hold the Shift Key down, you will be able to draw 3 types of lines:

  1. Vertical
  2. Horizontal
  3. Diagonal

Draw Straight Line Choices


Video Tutorial

Check out the quick video demonstration here:

Hope this helps.  What is your favorite Tip or Trick in Excel?




  1. Thanks for this tip! So easy and yet so useful!
    My inability to not being able to make horizontal and vertical lines in Excel has been bugging me for years….


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