Create a Excel Gantt Chart to Display a Music Festival Band Schedule

Here is Pete's answer to the recent Music Festival Schedule Challenge. In this video, see how he used Index/Match functions as well as a helper...

Friday Challenge – Create a Chart to Display a Music Festival Schedule

Here is an interesting question that I saw and I thought I would present it as the next in the series of Friday Challenges. This...

Friday Challenge – Pipeline Usage Chart

I recently got a request from a subscriber that asked if I could help them create a cylinder chart. However the sample that was...

Excel Christmas Gift from Poland

Hi All, I just got a wonderful Christmas gift from our friend Piotr in Poland. He emailed me his awesome rendering of a Christmas tree in...

New Take on the Excel Project Status Spectrum Chart

Leonid, a wonderful reader of our website, sent in a new take on my Excel Project Status Spectrum Chart.  Here is what his looks...

Friday Challenge – Recreate an Excel Project Status Spectrum Chart

I am always looking for charts or anything that I can put into an Excel chart.  In fact, I just skim the Wall Street...

Removing Gaps in an Excel Clustered Column or Bar Chart (Part 2)

Removing Gaps - Excel Clustered Column or Bar Chart (Part 2) In an earlier Friday Challenge, I posted a problem where someone wanted to remove...

SEO Performance Charts – Don’s Solutions

Sorry it has been a few days since my last post, but I have a lot that has been going on with new projects...

How-to Make a Tenant Timeline Excel Dashboard Chart

So last week, I posted this question that I responded to in an Excel forum.  I also asked you how you would solve this...

How-to Make an United States Flag Excel Chart (Happy 4th of July)

Happy July 4th (United States Independence Day). I am home and not working too much this holiday, but wanted to send out a post on...
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