Clustered Stacked Column Chart by Month Year

Friday Challenge Answers: Year over Year Chart Comparisons

Thanks for the submissions for the Friday Challenge. You can get the sample data and chart request here:  friday-challenge-help-new-to-excel-yoy-comparisons   Here are some other submissions: A) In the...
Excel Chart Challenge

Friday Challenge: Help! New to Excel! YOY Comparisons

Luckily I was able to help this user, but I think that we can even do more.  Here was the original request: "Help Please! I’m...
Network Data Usage Excel Chart

How-to Visualize 17000 Data Points of Upload and Download Times

In the last Friday Challenge, I presented you with 17,000+ data points representing 2 days of network data usage. With so many data points, it...
Excel Dashboard Friday Chart Challenge

Friday Challenge: What Charts Would You Make?

This Friday Challenge involves Network Data Usage.  You will find over 17,000 data points representing 2 days of network data usage in the linked file. With...

Excel Stacked Area Time Chart – Friday Challenge Answer

In our recent Friday Challenge, a user asked this: "This is a scatter with smooth line and markers graph. What I would like to have...

Friday Challenge – The Right Graph Style For What I Want to do

A newer Excel Chart creator had this question: "This is a scatter with smooth line and markers graph. What I would like to have displayed,...

Friday Challenge – Allocation Formulas

  Today I have 2 formula challenges that you may find interesting.  They are both different types of allocation formulas.   Challenge 1: Problem: You have 9 tasks...

Create a Excel Gantt Chart to Display a Music Festival Band Schedule

Here is Pete's answer to the recent Music Festival Schedule Challenge. In this video, see how he used Index/Match functions as well as a helper...

Don’s Macro Enabled Friday Challenge Answer – Music Festival Schedule Excel Chart

In our last Friday Challenge, we wanted to see if you can make a Music Festival Schedule in an Excel Chart. There were 2 questions. ...

Friday Challenge – Create a Chart to Display a Music Festival Schedule

Here is an interesting question that I saw and I thought I would present it as the next in the series of Friday Challenges. This...
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