How-to Create a Combo Line and Column Pivot Chart

Some Excel users can be confused when it comes to Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts.  I recently saw a post asking for this help: "Please...

New Chart Label Leader Lines Available in Excel 2013

Did you know that you can now add Leader Lines to your Excel Charts in Excel 2013?  I didn't know this until just recently. ...

Friday Challenge Answers – Cumulative Events Over Time

In our recent Friday Challenge, Friday Challenge – Creating an Excel Graph of Cumulative Events Over Time where a user wanted the following:   Creating a graph of...

How-to Mimic a Newspaper Chart Line Style in Excel

In the recent post: Friday Challenge – Mimic Newspaper Chart Line Style in Excel we wondered if it was possible to recreate this Chart...

Friday Challenge – Mimic Newspaper Chart Line Style in Excel

Hi All, Here is a fun challenge that I thought you might like.  I  saw this chart in the Denver Post and I wondered how...

Terrible Chart Follow-up

Hi All, Sorry my postings have been a little slow.  I had several things come up.  1) I got hacked again and had to spend...

Friday Challenge Answers – The Boss Says…

I received some great responses from lots of fans.  Thank you so much for all your great comments.  I agree with most and my...

How-to Make a Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Double Lollipop Chart in Excel

In our last Friday Challenge, I proposed making a Double Lollipop Chart seen in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ).   Here is what our final chart...

How-to Make an Excel PickList Chart for Multi Years by Month

Here is my response to the recent Friday Challenge on Creating a Chart for Multi Years by Month. You can read more about the original...

Friday Challenge – Analyzing Attendance Records with Six Sigma Charts

The following is a guest post from Pete on his answer to the most recent Friday Challenge. Pete applied his knowledge of Six Sigma to...
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