How-to Make an Excel PickList Chart for Multi Years by Month

Here is my response to the recent Friday Challenge on Creating a Chart for Multi Years by Month.

You can read more about the original challenge here:

Friday Challenge – Excel Mutli-year Graph by Month


Also, you can see and download the other samples here:

Friday Challenge Answer – Using Excel Slicers to Create Dynamic Charts

Friday Challenge Answer – Dynamic Excel Chart Using Checkboxes for Multi Year by Month Data


My solution to the challenge would be to create 2 charts:

1) A Excel graph that uses a picklist to displays all or highlights just one data series with the data grouped by years with in each month.



2) A Excel chart that uses a picklist to displays all or highlights just one data series with the data grouped by month for all years.



This is a very involved chart creation and so you want to check out how I did it here:


You can download the Free sample file here:


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Let me know if you like this chart and if you can use it in your next Excel dashboard.




    • Thanks Don! That means a lot. Let me know what you had problems with as I will be writing it up as well and would like to know what is not working for folks. Thanks much!

      • I did not mean that I could not get your graph to work. It worked great. I meant that I missed some big steps in trying to solve the challenge. I think the biggest thing I missed was your using one name for non-contiguous columns of data. The other thing was starting with a bar graph.
        Again, great job.

        • Wonderful. So cool to make a hard challenge for such a great Excel Guru. Thanks for the “great job” and glad you liked it. Steve=True

  1. Great Job !!

    I have a question; if the range of my data point is so large i.e. if Joe is doing around 10 while Larry is doing around 1000 then the Y axis will be stretchered and the small values (Joe’s values) will not be shown properly. is there any work around to make the Y axis flixsable based on the the pick list selection?


    • Hi Obaida,

      You can do this, but it may confuse the reader as the columns will be skewed and look closer than they values really are.

      I will have to create a posting on this to show people how to do this.



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