Terrible Chart Follow-up

Hi All,

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Sorry my postings have been a little slow.  I had several things come up.  1) I got hacked again and had to spend time and money updating the site.  I hope you like the new look.  2) I changed projects and it always takes a lot more than you plan to transition to and from another project and company 3) Thanksgiving holiday.  But don’t worry, I am back.

So here is my answer to the last Terrible Chart Tuesday.

I loved all the comments.  If you didn’t check them out, go to the previous post and read the great comments.


Here are my thoughts:

1) The chart should not have a negative value ascending up the vertical axis.  I think it is misleading.  I believe the church was trying to show that they are behind and falling farther behind.  However, just glancing at the chart, I thought we were doing better as the line is ascending upward.

2) This may not be as critical as I thought, but it should be avoided.  We don’t need to show a chart title and a chart legend for 1 line.  Either one or the other should be sufficient for this chart.

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3) This is a tough chart to replicate.  So the staffer really had to work at making the chart this bad.  I have attached the data below.  Perhaps I am wrong, but this is a tricky chart to replicate.  Give it a try and let me know if the comments below how you got the negative values have an ascending line going upward.



Thanks for all your comments and support.


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Steve= True

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  1. Steve,

    I have made the “negative line” go upwards. It was pretty simple, I changed the negative values in the data to absolute values, charted the result, and changed the number format of the axis to: -$#,##0. That was all there was to it.


    • Thanks David. You got it right. I thought it was a little tougher to figure this out for most people, but lots are getting it. Thanks again. Steve=True

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  3. Steve,

    I tried typing the formula below related to the hotel ballroom occupancy report, but keep getting a name error for the months with less than 31 days. For instance I entered 2/1/16 and the 30th and 31st showed a name error while it should have shown blank. What am I doing wrong?


    • Hi Joe,

      Sorry, was on vacation. Did you figure out your problem?

      Also, I can’t seem to test it as it is giving me an error when I put it in my spreadsheet. I think you may have a parenthesis off.

      And is B2Day a formula in your spreadsheet?

      Let me know if you still need help.



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