The best place to learn how to make Excel Templates for Executive Dashboards

Welcome to the New Microsoft Excel Dashboard Templates Blog where you will learn how...

This is my new blog dedicated to helping you learn and make your own Dynamic Microsoft Excel Executive Dashboard Templates and Charts. I have many...

How-to Format Trend Line Color in Excel Dynamically

Many users use Trend Lines in Excel charts and graphs.  They may also be used in Company Dashboards, but to you can make your...

How-to Line Up Your Excel Worksheet Embedded Charts

Have you ever created a lot of charts in an Excel Worksheet and drove yourself crazy trying to line the charts up? Notice how the...
Excel Dashboard Template Step-by-Step Tutorial and Sample File

Step-by-Step Tutorial: How-to: Make a Company and Industry P/E (Price to Earnings) Line Chart

In my last post I showed the concepts of making a P/E (Price-to-Earnings) Excel Chart for your Dashboard Template. In this post I will...

How-to Make a Company Goal Chart or IPAD Battery Chart in Excel

I was looking at my IPod Touch and I really liked the battery graphic that is shown.  Then I looked at my IPhone and...

3 Ways to Add a Target Line to an Excel Pivot Chart

Add a Target Line to an Excel Pivot Chart Many Excel users use Pivot Tables and they find it very easy to create a Pivot...
Chart of Tiger Woods Victories on PGA Tour and in Majors

Tiger Woods PGA Tour and Major Championship Chart

I am a fan of the PGA and Tiger Woods.  So I was really excited when I saw this post from Paresh Shah of...

2008-2012 Summer Olympics Medal Count Dashboard Part 2

Wow, what a Summer Olympics.  the 2012 medal count is so close.  China and the USA are neck and neck in terms of total...
How to Create a Thermometer Goal Chart in Excel

How-to Make a Thermometer Goal Chart in Excel

How-to Make a Thermometer Goal Chart in Excel A friend and co-worker asked me if I had a tutorial on a building a Thermometer Goal...

How-to Make Dynamic Excel Dashboard Charts Using Tables

For almost every Excel Dashboard you will want to make a Chart template Dynamic.  Meaning that as you add new data, the chart updates...
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