Friday Challenge - Find Unique Class List in Excel ANSWER

Friday Challenge – Find Unique Class List in Excel ANSWER

On Friday, I posted this challenge: https://www.exceldashboardtemplates.com/friday-challenge-find-unique-list-in-excel/ You can download the sample data set here:  Challenge Sample Data Check out the post and download / try it yourself before you...
Single Image Tree Goal Chart

How-to Make an Excel Single Image Goal Chart

Recently, a healthcare company employee contacted me about a chart he wanted to create.  The company that he works for is trying to save...
Overlapped Horizontal Categories

3 Ways to Make Excel Chart Horizontal Categories Fit Better

Have you ever had a chart where your Horizontal Category Labels overlap each other and they are unreadable? Check out this chart to see what...

How-to Find a Wild Card or Question Mark or Asterisk or Tilde in Excel

Lots of users use Excel for lists or you may receive reports from other people or systems and sometimes those files contain Wild Cards...

How-to Make an Excel Stacked Column Pivot Chart with a Secondary Axis

In this previous post: Stopping Excel Pivot Chart Columns from Overlapping When Moving Data Series to the Second Axis I had a fan question - How...
Stacked Column Chart with 2 Axes

How-to Setup Your Excel Data for a Stacked Column Chart with a Secondary Axis

Many users have mixed reactions about this secondary axis overlap fix.  You can see the post here: Stop Excel From Overlapping the Columns When Moving...

How-to Add a Hard Return to an Excel Concatenate Formula

Like most Excel users, one of the first formulas that you ever learned to master was the Concatenate Function. But how do you add other...

How-to Group and Categorize Excel Chart Legend Entries

If you have a chart with Legends, then you should check out this tutorial. Recently when working on a solution for a fan, I noticed...
Unprotect Worksheet Buttons

How-to Unprotect an Excel Worksheet If You Forgot the Passcode

Several years ago, I created an Excel workbook and I "Protected" a worksheet, but, I forgot the passcode the next day.  Try and try,...
Excel Scroll Bar Control

How-To Make a Dynamic Excel Scroll Bar Chart Part 2

Wow, it has been over 2 years.  I am so sorry if you have been waiting all this time.  Probably not, but I will finish...
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