How-to Find a Wild Card or Question Mark or Asterisk or Tilde in Excel

Lots of users use Excel for lists or you may receive reports from other people or systems and sometimes those files contain Wild Cards or Tilde’s.  If you are trying to Find or Find & Replace those wild cards or tilde’s, you will have a hard time because Excel will use the wild card character as a wild card to find anything, not the wild card character itself.

Here are the Excel Wild Cards:

Wild Cards and Tilde’s

* Asterisk

? Question Mark

~ Tilde

If you want to quickly find a wild card or tilde, you will simply need to add a “~” tilde before the wild card.

Put in this text when trying to Find or Find/Replace Wild Cards and Tilde’s:

~* for an Asterisk

~? for a Question Mark

~~ for a Tilde

So you will notice that you need to put two ~ (Tildes) when you want to find a Tilde.
Video Demonstration

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