Friday Challenge – Close the Distance Between a Clustered Stacked column Chart

For this week’s challenge, we are going to modify a previous post for a user request. If you are not familiar with it, you should...

Friday Challenge: Excel Step Chart Automation

Yesterday, I posted the a demonstration on how to make a Step Chart in Excel. You can check out that post here: How-to Easily Create a...

How-to Add a Rupee Symbol or a Music Note or a Chess Piece to...

A reader, Matt, after reading this post:   How-to Format Chart Axis for Thousands or Millions   And had the following question:   “How do you use this formula without...

How-to Make a Wall Street Journal Horizontal Panel Chart in Excel

In a recent Wall Street Journal article I saw the following chart regarding Dropbox, YouSendIt and  The graph describes how many people use...
Clustered Stacked Column Chart by Month Year

Friday Challenge Answers: Year over Year Chart Comparisons

Thanks for the submissions for the Friday Challenge. You can get the sample data and chart request here:  friday-challenge-help-new-to-excel-yoy-comparisons   Here are some other submissions: A) In the...

How-to Mimic a Newspaper Chart Line Style in Excel

In the recent post: Friday Challenge – Mimic Newspaper Chart Line Style in Excel we wondered if it was possible to recreate this Chart...

Create a Excel Gantt Chart to Display a Music Festival Band Schedule

Here is Pete's answer to the recent Music Festival Schedule Challenge. In this video, see how he used Index/Match functions as well as a helper...

Select Large Range Contiguous

Alternate Ways to Select Large and Non-Contiguous Ranges in Excel

Selecting Ranges in Excel Have you ever had an issue using your mouse to select a large set of data in your Excel spreadsheet?  Have...

Leonid’s Friday Challenge Answer – Pipeline Usage Stacked Bar Chart

Here is a late entry :) Thanks Leonid.  This is an Awesome response! Leonid was responding to this recent challenge:  Friday Challenge – Pipeline Usage...

How-to Make an Excel Chart Go Up with Negative Values

In a follow-up to my recent Terrible Chart Tuesday, I wanted to show you 2 different techniques that you can use to create a...
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