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How-to Create Dynamic Excel Dashboards Using Picklists

This is a great technique that you can use to create dynamic charts that will change when your users change the values from the...

How-to Create a Dynamic Excel Chart that Only Displays Non-Blank Values

Below is a video that may help you as well. How-to make a Dynamic Excel chart that doesn't show blank values so you don't have to...

How-to Make a Beer Mug Goal Chart as an Excel Dashboard Component

Time for some beer and Excel.  Last month I saw that a User was wondering how to make Beer Mug Goal Chart for their...

How-to Add a Line to an Excel Chart Data Table and Not to the...

Many people making Excel charts love to add a Chart Data Table to their graph.  However, the Excel Data Tables are not very flexible...

Problems Creating an Excel Open-High-Low-Close (Candle Stick) Stock Chart

Every time and I mean EVERY TIME that I go to create a Candle Stick Stock Chart in Excel (otherwise known as an Open-High-Low-Close...

How-to Make an Excel Area Chart Cliff (Fiscal Cliff Edition)

So all the US news agencies keep talking about the Fiscal Cliff.  This reminded me of a problem that many people have when making...

Grouping Excel Column Charts with a Box

In a previous post, I showed you how to group a column chart with lines: You can check out the posting here: Group Column Chart...

Budget Analysts – How would you answer this Excel Chart question?

Two months back there was a posting in the Mr. Excel forums that I thought most budget analysts might be asked by there executive...

How-to Make an Excel Vertical Likert Line Chart with Categories

In the Mr. Excel forums there was a question raised on how can you create a Likert Chart or Graph using Excel.  The person...

Customizing the Standard Excel Chart Titles

Titles on charts are not always necessary but when you use them, you will have many, many choices on formatting of which you may...
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