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How-to Make a Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Double Lollipop Chart in Excel

In our last Friday Challenge, I proposed making a Double Lollipop Chart seen in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ).   Here is what our final chart...

What is an Excel chart sheet vs. an embedded chart?

With a project ending, interviewing for new jobs, vacation, traveling and taking a training class, it has been difficult to get back to making...

Class Exam Grade Excel Chart Using Slicers and a Pivot Table

Here is Don’s amazing reply to the recent Friday challenge.In this example, Don has elevated his Excel Slicer Pivot Charting to a whole new...

Fixing Your Excel Chart When the Multi-Level Category Label Option is Missing.

I am so happy to help my fans, and I saw a recent comment on an older posting of mine and I thought I...

Excel Goal Chart Filling a Bottle of Soda

In a previous post, and one of my favorites, I showed you a unique company goal chart using a beer mug instead of a...

Friday Excel Challenge Submissions–Which Chart Solution One Do You Like Best?

Sorry for the late posting.  I was in Atlanta all week working on a new project and going out with the client at night,...

Dynamically Change Excel Bubble Chart Colors

In last week’s Challenge, I posted a question from an Excel User Forum that asked the following: “I've used Excel 2010 to create a bubble...

Friday Challenge – Conditionally Control Excel Bubble Chart Colors

Hi All, Sorry this is a little late.  But better late then never . Here is this week’s Friday Challenge (on Sunday.  I will post my...

How-to Eliminate Statistical Outliers in an Excel Line Chart

Okay, I posted this Excel Chart Challenge on Friday.  How did you do?  I am sure your solution is better than mine.  This was...

The Quickest Way to Select an Data Series in an Excel Chart

In a previous post, I showed you how to get around a frustration that many Excel users have when creating an Excel Dashboard chart. ...
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