Excel Goal Chart Filling a Bottle of Soda

In a previous post, and one of my favorites, I showed you a unique company goal chart using a beer mug instead of a thermometer.  Click this link for the step-by-step tutorial, file download and video demonstration here:

How-to Make a Beer Mug Goal Chart as an Excel Dashboard Component

Related to the that article, I have had a few comments from people that said they can’t use the goal chart at their company because of the beer theme.  One of our readers asked if we could create one with a soda bottle.

Well this is not an easy task because of the neck on the soda bottle.

But then Peter went and dazzled me by creating one.

Here is what it looks like at 86%:image

He even puts in foam when you go over 100%.

Here is what it looks like when we change the chart to 120%:image

How cool is this!!!!   Peter is so awesome.   Great job Peter!

So how did he get it to follow the contours of the bottle neck for the Excel Goal Graph?

To learn that, you should check out the video:


Also, if you want to play with the Free Sample Excel Template file, you can download it here:


Thanks again Peter!  You ROCK!



  1. Hi Steve,
    I am trying to make a dashboard involving my favorite hockey team the Detroit Redwings. I have three speedometer charts that show each players Assists, Goals, and total points. I have an image of a hockey rink on the same dashboard and would like to post where each player’s goals was on that image. I have to do some research on that, but would like to know if this could be done. Thank you for your input. Joe from Michigan. PS. I would like to send you the file.

    • Hi Joseph, I have sent you an email if you want to send me the file. yes you can add a value on top of an image. It would probably be best to put the image into a chart as a background image and then have a chart that shows a label but doesn’t show anything else of the chart (i.e. no fill). Sounds interesting.


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