How-to Make Conditional Label Values in an Excel Stacked Column Chart

Recently I was thinking that sometimes when you make a Stacked Column Chart in your Excel Dashboard, you may want to hide some of...

What to Do When Formulas Don’t Work from an Exported Report or CSV...

Recently during a Project that was using, I created a custom report and then exported the results to Excel.  This report looked and...

How-to Fix an Excel 3D Chart so that it Matches the Gridlines

While working for a company that paid bonuses, the Financial and Human Resources team sent out a chart showing how close we are to...

Halloween Special – Spider Web, Spider and the Fly Chart

In honor of Halloween I thought I would post something fun.  For those that are not in the USA, Halloween is where children dress...

Group Column Chart with Lines for Excel Dashboard Presentations

Yesterday a user in the Forums asked how he could make a Column Chart in Excel and then Group those Columns with a...
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