Tenant Timeline – How would you create an Excel chart for this data?

A user wanted to know how to create an Excel chart that shows when his tenant’s leases are expiring.  He wanted to put this into a chart.  How would you create this chart in Excel?  Read the post below.  There are probably many ways to solve this question.  Please let me know in the comments below how you would create this Excel graphical representation of a tenant’s timeline.  Read on and let me know.  On Monday, I will post a step-by-step tutorial and video demonstration of my solution.  See you soon!


Names and lease expirations

I’m trying to figure out how to create a chart showing names and the corresponding lease expiration in Excel 2007.
There is 1 column with the name of tenants and the next column has the date the lease expires. They are labeled “tenant” and “lease expiration”, respectively. Out of the 15 tenants a couple have text instead of dates.
I was thinking of a scatter plot, with the names of the vertical access and dates on the horizonal, but can’t figure out how to do this. Any help would be greatly appreciated


Here is how I set up my data so that you can create your own chart:

2 Tenant Lease Expiration Date
3 Mike 11/16/2013
4 Mary 8/5/2013
5 John 10/17/2013
6 Jack 12/18/2013
7 Justin 8/26/2013
8 Steve 8/14/2013
9 Mark 7/28/2013
10 Tony 9/24/2013
11 Sam 11/8/2013
12 Steph 10/30/2013
13 Joe 9/13/2013
14 Frank 8/6/2013
15 Monty 9/9/2013
16 Macy 12/15/2013
17 Yani 11/14/2013


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