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Calculating Hours Difference of Time in Excel Spreadsheets

Calculating Hours Difference of Time in Excel Spreadsheets

When working with Time in Microsoft Excel you may have noticed that there is a problem when you subtract certain numbers.  Excel gives you...

How-to Display Military Time in an Excel Spreadsheet

A few days ago, I had a user ask me a question on the blog about how she can display military time in Excel. It...

Friday Challenge Answers – Cumulative Events Over Time

In our recent Friday Challenge, Friday Challenge – Creating an Excel Graph of Cumulative Events Over Time where a user wanted the following:   Creating a graph of...

Friday Excel Challenge Submissions–Which Chart Solution One Do You Like Best?

Sorry for the late posting.  I was in Atlanta all week working on a new project and going out with the client at night,...

How-to Make a Tenant Timeline Excel Dashboard Chart

So last week, I posted this question that I responded to in an Excel forum.  I also asked you how you would solve this...

Tenant Timeline – How would you create an Excel chart for this data?

A user wanted to know how to create an Excel chart that shows when his tenant’s leases are expiring.  He wanted to put this...

How-to Make a Weekly 24 Hour Time Worked Gantt Chart in Excel

I have seen many questions where an Excel users want to know more about how to create a Gantt Chart using Time instead of...
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