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Network Data Usage Excel Chart

How-to Visualize 17000 Data Points of Upload and Download Times

In the last Friday Challenge, I presented you with 17,000+ data points representing 2 days of network data usage. With so many data points, it...
Add a Target Line to a Clustered Stacked Column Chart

How-to Add Lines in an Excel Clustered Stacked Column Chart

I have posted several Excel chart samples related to Clustered Stacked Column Charts. In case you missed them, you can check them out here:   Excel...

How-to Easily Hide Zero and Blank Values from an Excel Pie Chart Legend

If you have ever used a Pie Chart in Excel, then you probably ran into this need. The need to hide Pie Chart Legend entries...

Excel Stacked Area Time Chart – Friday Challenge Answer

In our recent Friday Challenge, a user asked this: "This is a scatter with smooth line and markers graph. What I would like to have...

How-to Create Modify and Delete an Excel Pivot Table Calculated Field

I am sure you have created a Pivot Table in your Excel Workbook.  However, have you wanted to easily learn how to add a...

How-to Draw a Straight Line with Excel Shapes

Have you ever tried to draw a straight line in Excel only to get frustrated? It can be so Frustrating :) to be off by...

How-to Make an Excel Stacked Area Chart Cliff

A while back, I published an article on how to make an Area Cliff Chart. Now this isn’t a standard chart type. If you use the Standard...

How-to Add Specific RGB or HSL Colors in Your Company Chart or Dashboard

Do you want your Excel charts and dashboards to really stand out at your company? Well then you should start using custom colors in all...

Excel Pranks: Non-VBA Edition 1

We should have some fun as it is the start of a long weekend and the end of summer. So what better way to have...

How-to Graph Three Sets of Data Criteria in an Excel Clustered Column Chart

Here is a very simple solution to a common Excel Charting question when a user wants to graph “Three sets of data criteria on...
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