How-to Add Specific RGB or HSL Colors in Your Company Chart or Dashboard

Do you want your Excel charts and dashboards to really stand out at your company?

Specific RGB Color on Company Excel Chart and Graph

Well then you should start using custom colors in all your graphs.

It is really simple, but some people do not know how to apply the custom colors.

1) Create Your Chart

Excel Chart with Automatic Fill
2) Select Your Chart Data Point by selecting the chart, selecting the series and selecting the data point
Select Excel Chart Data Point
3) Press CTRL+1 to Bring up the Format Data Point dialog box
Format Excel Chart Data Series Solid Fill
4) Select the Fill Options of Solid Fill and then select Color and then select Custom Color
Add More Colors to an Excel Chart Data Point
5) From the Color Dialog Box, select the Custom tab and then type in your Red, Green and Blue colors that you got from your marketing department.
Apply Custom Color RGB to Excel
Note: If you don’t have an RGB color, you can user HSL or search on google to convert HEX to RBG or any other color format.  They are easy to find and use.
Your final chart will now have your company’s custom color.  It really stands out in any chart.  Give it a try!

Specific RGB Color on Company Excel Chart and Graph

Here is a quick Video Tutorial on this topic:

My company uses RGB and others have used HEX.  Does anyone use HSL?  Let me know in the comments below.



Follow-up Video: