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New Feature Excel Flash Fill Use it for Quick Data Retrieval and Formatting

Excel Flash Fill Every time a new version of Excel is released there are always new features that are hard to find and learn for those...

How-to Easily Add Task Information to Excel 2016 Gantt Charts

Easily Add Task Information to Excel 2016 Gantt Charts Excel 2013 and Excel 2016 make this need so much easier. Thanks Excel! I recently posted...

Touch vs Mouse Mode in Excel

With all the new affordable touch screen computers out there, you may have purchased one.  However, if you are like me, you may have...

Excel 2013 Chart Bug

I think I found a bug in Microsoft Excel 2013.  It is not a major bug, but annoying like most bugs. Do you see the...

How-to Make an Excel Bullet Chart

Executives and managers love to see gauge charts in their Excel Dashboards.  However, gauge charts may confuse or mislead the dashboard readers.  For instance,...

How-to Use Data Labels from a Range in an Excel Chart

Excel 2013 has some cool features. If you were not aware, here is an awesome Chart Data Label option that you now have when...
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