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Excel Scroll Bar Control

How-To Make a Dynamic Excel Scroll Bar Chart Part 2

Wow, it has been over 2 years.  I am so sorry if you have been waiting all this time.  Probably not, but I will finish...

How-to Easily Make a Dynamic PivotTable Pie Chart for the Top X Values

I recently had a request from a fan of the site on how they could make a dynamic pie chart with the Top 5...

How-to Create a Dynamic Excel Pivot Table Dashboard Chart

In my last 2 posts: I showed you how to setup your data in preparation for creating a dynamic dashboard chart Part 1: think-like-a-database-designer-before-creating-an-excel-dashboard-chart And then I...

Friday Challenge Challenge – Excel Chart using Picklist for a Multi Year Graph by...

Hi ExcelDashboardTemplate Fans!Today is a challenge on a challenge.Previously I posted a data set that and asked you to create your own chart of...

Friday Challenge Answer – Dynamic Excel Chart Using Checkboxes for Multi Year by Month...

A big shout out to Pete who submitted this answer to my last Friday Challenge. You can check out the challenge here: Friday-challenge-excel-mutli-year-graph-by-month Check out the video...

Excel Super Bowl Statistics Dashboard

A great big shout out to Don who submitted the best Excel Dashboard of Super Bowl Statistics.   It has a neat design and uses picture...

Show Only Selected Data Points in an Excel Chart

So last week I posted this question in the challenge: Here the user story on what we are trying to do: ‘As an Excel user I...

Change Chart from Amount to Percent using a Drop Down List

In case you were wondering, here is my solution to last Friday’s Excel Challenge. Our challenge was to see if we could solve this question...

Friday Challenge Submissions: Change Chart from Amount to Percent From a Picklist

I received 2 submissions from the Friday challenge.  Both were awesome in that they are really creative ways to handle the question from the...

How-to Eliminate Statistical Outliers in an Excel Line Chart

Okay, I posted this Excel Chart Challenge on Friday.  How did you do?  I am sure your solution is better than mine.  This was...
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