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Leonid’s Friday Challenge Answer – Pipeline Usage Stacked Bar Chart

Here is a late entry :) Thanks Leonid.  This is an Awesome response! Leonid was responding to this recent challenge:  Friday Challenge – Pipeline Usage...

How-to Make an Excel Clustered Stacked Column Chart with Different Colors by Stack

In a popular post, I showed you how to easily create a Clustered Stacked Column chart in Excel using Multi-Level Category Axis options. Here is...

How-to Make an Excel Chart with 3 Different Column Widths (Bullet Chart Option 2)

In are recent post, I showed you how to create a Bullet Chart in Excel.  Pete, then sent me another way to create a...

Friday Challenge – Close the Distance Between a Clustered Stacked column Chart

For this week’s challenge, we are going to modify a previous post for a user request. If you are not familiar with it, you should...

Removing Gaps in an Excel Clustered Column or Bar Chart (Part 2)

Removing Gaps - Excel Clustered Column or Bar Chart (Part 2) In an earlier Friday Challenge, I posted a problem where someone wanted to remove...

Friday Challenge – Part 2 Removing Gaps from a Clustered Column Chart

Okay Excel Fans, in a previous challenge, we had a problem that we solved for a specific data set.  We wanted to remove white...

Stop Excel From Overlapping the Columns When Moving a Data Series to the Second...

Don’t worry, Excel is not changing your chart to a Stacked Clustered Column Chart or Stacked Bar Chart when you move a data series...

How-to Add Centered Labels Above an Excel Clustered Stacked Column Chart

  I am currently working on a project in L.A. and a business analyst at the client site was looking for a chart to present...

How-to Create a Sick Leave Excel Dashboard Chart

Okay, I got an email from a SUPER FAN of my sight.  She even donated some money to help cover the costs of that...

How-to Easily Create a Stacked Clustered Column Chart in Excel

Create a Stacked Clustered Column Chart in Excel There is one type of chart that is always requested, however, Excel doesn’t offer this type of...
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