Friday Challenge – Close the Distance Between a Clustered Stacked column Chart

For this week’s challenge, we are going to modify a previous post for a user request.

If you are not familiar with it, you should check out this post first:

How-to Easily Create a Stacked Clustered Column Chart in Excel

Here is the user request:

1) Given this data set

3group A250.48300.58187.15155.96
4group B306.00367.20382.51318.76
5group C315.00378.00425.38354.48


2) Create a Clustered Stacked Column Chart like this: how-to-set-the-distance-between-chart-series-in-stacked-column-chart-stacked-chart-original


3) Now the challenge and the user request:

How can I close the gaps between the two Clustered Stacked Column Charts WITHOUT spreading the columns outward.

So, the user wants the columns closer like this:


NOT closer like I did in the previous post (i.e. spreading out to fill the space).image


Leave me a comment if you have a solution and I will send you an email so that you can send me your file.

Thanks for being a fan and I appreciate all your comments!



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