Who is Steve Equals True?

Who is this Steve=True guy? Getting to know the true me

Who are you? Hello to all of my Microsoft Excel friends and family out there.  I wanted to write a post so you can get to know more about me.  I also hope to get...

Friday Challenge – My Answer – Chart This Data in Excel

Challenge – Chart This Data in Excel - My Answer A few Fridays ago, I posted this challenge: Link here: friday-challenge-chart-this-data-in-excel Where I asked you to send in your sample charts for this data set: Data and Request Courier Dis...
Non-Offset Chart Tip

How-to Create a Dynamic Excel Chart of Last 3 Months Data Without Offset

Chart of Last 3 Months If you wanted to create a dynamic Excel chart of last 3 months of your data but didn't know how to use or didn't want to use the Excel Offset Function,...

Excel Dashboard Friday Chart Challenge

Friday Challenge – Chart This Data in Excel

Chart This Data in Excel Today's challenge is a simple one but has many answers.  You will be presented with a small set of data and I would like to see all the different charts that you...
Copy an Excel Chart on Same Worksheet Keeps Same Data Reference Final Copied Charts

How-to Copy a Chart and Change the Data Series Range References

Last week we learned how to copy a chart in Excel quickly and have it reference a new chart data range on the same worksheet.  If you missed it, you can check it out...

Friday Challenge Answer – Find Unique Values from CSV List

Here is how you can quickly solve the most recent Friday Challenge: Find Unique Values from CSV List Before we begin, I am going to show you how to do this with some standard Excel features...
Find Unique Countries Visited List

Friday Challenge – Find Unique Values from CSV List

Welcome back to another Friday Challenge at Excel Dashboard Templates! Today's challenge is pretty straight forward and can be done manually (although it will take a while).  Can you do it quickly and with little...

Copy Excel Chart on Same Worksheet

How-To Copy an Excel Chart on Same Worksheet with a New Data Reference

Many users in Excel spend time creating an awesome chart on a specific data set, then they want to use that chart on another data set.  Perhaps it was for the month of April...
AverageIF Across Excel Worksheet Tabs AverageIF Function Result

How-to AverageIF Excluding Zeros Across Excel Worksheet Tabs

I didn't receive any sample formulas from Friday's post that included a Friday Challenge, so maybe I stumped everyone when asking you to create an AverageIF Formula Excluding Zeros Across Worksheet Tabs. Here is the...
Sum Across Excel Worksheets Tabs

How-to Easily Sum Across Excel Worksheet Tabs (Plus Friday Challenge)

Sum Excel Worksheets Technique Why haven't I known about this simple Excel technique before now? Maybe you were aware how you can easily Sum Excel Worksheets but I never seen this in all my years of...