Do you have an Idea to Make Excel Better? Excel’s Suggestion Box is Here!

Great Ideas Wanted

Excel Suggestion Box Feedback Forums
Excel Suggestion Box Feedback Forums

Have you heard of Excel’s Suggestion Box?

I just ran across this awesome user community feedback tool that Microsoft is using to gather your top needs and wants for the next version of Excel.  This is very awesome.  It is much like other user Idea Forums like the where you can help create the future roadmap of the Excel tool and product.

How does it work?

Search and Review Ideas

Before you create a new idea, search for ideas that have already been submitted.  Maybe there is already a solution that solves your idea that you didn’t know about.  Or perhaps the idea you want to submit has been submitted previously and has either been approved, declined or is needing more votes.

Vote on Ideas You Want

When you find a good idea, you should promote it by clicking on the Vote button for that idea.  If the idea has an overwhelming response of people wanting this proposed functionality, it may be selected for an upcoming release of Excel.  Excel’s Suggestion system has 7 status types for any idea of:

  1. Info Needed
  2. Under Review
  3. Planned
  4. Started
  5. Already Supported
  6. Declined
  7. Completed
Excels Suggestion Box Desktop Application Status Types
Excels Suggestion Box Desktop Application Status Types

Create New Ideas

After you have exhausted your search of Excel’s Suggestion Box and you can’t find your idea, submit your own!  How cool would it be if your idea was added to Excel?  Way Cool!

Feedback forums

Excel’s Suggestion Box is not just for Windows Desktop.  Here are the various forums that you can search, view and submit new ideas.


  • Excel for Android – 51 ideas
  • Excel for iPad & iPhone (iOS) – 137 ideas
  • Excel for Mac – 658 ideas
  • Excel for Windows (Desktop Application) – 3076 ideas
  • Excel for Windows (Mobile Application) – 33 ideas
  • Excel Online – 1040 ideas

You can check out Excel’s Suggestion Box here:

What is the Top Rated Idea for Excel Dashboards?

By far and away, the Top Charting Idea with 401 votes is:

Link the min and max values of a chart axis to cell value

I state that this is the top suggestion for charts and graphs because the next closest idea with 78 votes is:

Allow new chart types (treemap, sunburst, etc) to also be used as pivot charts

What ideas in Excel’s Suggestion Box do not have enough votes?

Let all of us know in the comments below so that we can review and get out the vote!