Friday Challenge – Showing More Categories in an Excel Chart

Can you help Kevin with his problem?

Kevin saw this article:

How-to Add a Line to an Excel Chart Data Table and Not to the Excel Graph


“Hi Steve,

Issue at hand: I am an engineer who wants to properly graph and show my boss how much time I am

designing/modeling 3D parts and assemblies.

This ¡s what I currently have ¡n my table which I am pulling my data:

1Part NumberPart NamePart / ASMStart DateEnd DateModeling Time (in days)
2Working Days
3(Excludes weekends)
42624264Guide, CabinetPart2/17/20 142/17/20141
52624267Rod, CabinetPart2/18/20142/18/20141
62624268Bar, CabinetPart2/18/20142/18/20141
75433137Bracket, Ammunition BoxAsm2/20/20142/22/20142
85433137-001BracketPart2/20/20142/2 0/20 141


To create a 3D model a ‘Part’ it is simple:

To model a 3D ‘Asm’ (Assembly) it may take more time…thus I need to distinguish these two different variables in my table.


Here is what I get:image

Here is what I would like:

Final Chart with Part ASM in Table

Thanks – Kevin”


First, see if you can replicate the chart.

Then is what Kevin asking possible?

If not, how would you do to help Kevin?

Leave me a comment with your email address if you would like to submit a response.



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