Friday Challenge – The Boss Says “Can you create some graphs?”

Here is the scenario that thrills Excel data analysts and sends chills down most employee’s spines:

Thursday afternoon: Your department sent out an Excel spreadsheet report on your companies website speed to all the executives. The speed is derived from 3 different fixes that your team has applied.

Friday morning: You are sitting in your office or cubicle and the CEO sends you this email:

……………………“Can you please create some graphs so that the board can visually make a comparison?”

Here is what the data looks like (you can download it below): image.png


Here are the challenges:

1) What would you conclude about the Version 3 fixes you implemented?

2) What charts / graphs would you send the boss?

3) Now that you have charts, what do you conclude about your version 3 fixes?


Data File Download:

Page Speed Data.xlsx


Leave me a comment below with your answers and I can also send you an email so you can send me your sample charts.


Good Luck!