Friday Challenge – Make an Excel Movie Database Dashboard

Movie fans are going to love this one.  Today, I present to you a full Excel Dashboard challenge.

I am big movie fan.  Seen tons and tons of them.  So I (and lots of analysts out there) am always interested in ratings and rankings.  So one day I was poking around on the IMDB (Internet Movie Database) website and I noticed that they have an IMDB Top 250.  And I thought that this would be a great data set to try and make an Excel Dashboard.

So here is the challenge.  Make an Excel Dashboard out of the Top 250 data set.

Here is where we got the data: (However, they have removed one data point from the web site (the votes), so the data set in this file is different than what you see on the site.)

IMDB Top 250 Data Set: IMDB-Top-250-Data-Set.xls

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To submit your answers, simply leave me a comment and one of the fields is your email address.  I will then send you my email address for submission.  (This helps me prevent getting spammed by the email bots).

Also, in one of the posts next week about this challenge, we will learn a lot more about one of ExcelDashboardTemplates MVP’s “Pete”.  So make sure you come back and read all the posts next week.  Pete has a very interesting story.  I enjoyed learning more about him and his process and I know you will as well.  Thanks and good luck!