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How-to Create a Dynamic Excel Pivot Table Dashboard Chart

In my last 2 posts: I showed you how to setup your data in preparation for creating a dynamic dashboard chart Part 1: think-like-a-database-designer-before-creating-an-excel-dashboard-chart And then I...

Think Like a Database Designer Before Creating an Excel Dashboard Chart

Recently, a fan asked for some help.  However, when I got their file, I saw that they needed some help with basic concepts, so...

Friday Challenge – How Would You Chart It?

Today the ExcelDashboardTemplate.com Friday Challenge is up to you and your wildest imagination. An Excel chart newbie posted this data set and wasn’t sure the...

How-to Line Up Your Excel Worksheet Embedded Charts

Have you ever created a lot of charts in an Excel Worksheet and drove yourself crazy trying to line the charts up? Notice how the...

Where Did My Excel 2013 Pyramid Charts Go? (Or How-to Make a Sales Pipeline...

In a previous post I showed you how to make an Excel Sales Funnel Chart or Sales Pipeline Chart, but it is a little...

Friday Challenge – Analyzing Attendance Records with Charts and Trend Line

For this Friday Challenge, lets see if we can help this user with their data. Read it over, but really, the last line of the...

Excel Super Bowl Statistics Dashboard

A great big shout out to Don who submitted the best Excel Dashboard of Super Bowl Statistics.   It has a neat design and uses picture...

Super Bowl Excel Dashboard Challenge

Here in the United States, we will have the Super Bowl a week from Sunday.  It is a really big deal for the country...

Top Movies – Excel Dashboard – Brian’s Friday Challenge Entry

This was our final entry in the most recent Friday Challenge for the Internet Movie Database Top 250. Below you can download an awesome Excel...

Excel Dashboard of the Top 250 Movies – Don’s Friday Challenge Entry

Here is our next submission from the last Friday Challenge for the Internet Movie Database Top 250. Below you can download an awesome Excel Dashboard...
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