How-to Make a USA Today Pie Chart Graph – Replicating All Charts in USA...

I have been traveling very frequently for business as a Salesforce.com Software Consultant, so I spend a lot of time in hotel’s and airports. ...

How-to Make an Excel Death Star Pie Chart

While fooling around with Excel, I wondered if I could make an Excel chart look like a the Star Wars Death Star.  Well, I...

Create a Dynamic Excel Pie Chart

How-to Create a Dynamic Excel Pie Chart Using the Offset Function Recently, I viewed a forum post where a user wanted to create a dynamic...

Make a Pie Chart Rating for Excel Dashboard Chart Templates

In a recent forum post, a dashboard user was asking how they can turn a decimal like 1.5 out of a 3.0 possible into...

Zombie Pie Chart in Excel – What would you do?

The Walking Dead has been an amazing hit as a new show and is now finishing up its second season.  Unfortunately, I am out...
Excel Chart with Yoda Quote

Yoda Excel Chart!! NO WAY!

Someone sent me this graph and I thought it was great.  I love Star Wars.  I grew up on Star Wars.  I lived and...
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