Yoda Excel Chart!! NO WAY!

Excel Chart with Yoda Quote

Someone sent me this graph and I thought it was great.  I love Star Wars.  I grew up on Star Wars.  I lived and breathed Star Wars Trilogy as a child and I also loved the 2nd Star Wars trilogy as an adult.  Then, someone sent me this info-graphic.

How cool is this Smile

People are so creative!  Looks like this was created by graphjam.com


So I thought I would create my own Yoda Excel Chart and here it is:


What do you think Smile  ?

Can you try and recreate this chart?


Also, did you know that you can use Excel to make a Knitting Pattern?  Check out this link:



Do you have any other awesome chart ideas?

Let me know in the comments!



  1. Any Idea on how I might solve this problem. I have a worskheet with 24 charts in a dashboard. I ma creating this for each salemen in an organization (number varies from 5 to 100). I am copying the sheet with the charts and pasting only the values, then recalculating the sheet to update the charts. But Excel will only let me copy 9 sheets before it crashes. Any thoughts on how I could make this work?


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