Zombie Pie Chart in Excel – What would you do?

The Walking Dead has been an amazing hit as a new show and is now finishing up its second season.  Unfortunately, I am out of the country, so I will have to wait to see the final episodes of this season.  I can’t wait!!

I am a big fan of all the great Zombie apocalypse type movies from “Dawn of the Dead” to “Shawn of the Dead”.  So I would like to pay homage to the genre of movies by creating and providing a

“Things I Would Do in a Zombie Apocalypse” Excel Chart for your amusement and use.

It was made in Excel 2003 and is a 3-D Pie Chart with Exploded Pie Slices and a Dynamic Title linked to a cell in the worksheet.


Here is the Download File: Excel-Zombie-Pie-Chart.xlsx

What would you do?   Let me know your Top 5 in the Comments section below.

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Steve=True (Still Zombie Free)