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Final Stacked and Non Stacked Clustered Column Chart

How-to Create a Stacked and Unstacked Column Chart in Excel

Stacked and Unstacked Column Chart in Excel Excel is awesome because, even when a certain chart type is not a standard option, there may be...

Friday Challenge – Analyzing Attendance Records with Six Sigma Charts

The following is a guest post from Pete on his answer to the most recent Friday Challenge. Pete applied his knowledge of Six Sigma to...

Friday Challenge – Hotel Ballroom Occupancy Chart

Hi All, Here is today’s challenge.  There is a spreadsheet attached.  Give it your best shot and I will post my solution and spreadsheet on...

Excel Fun Day – Something Fun and Useful That You May Not Know About

Hi All, Peter reminded me of a really cool option that you have in Excel. You may have never known about it.  But it is fun...

How-to Make a Pass Fail Chart in Excel

Last week, I posed a Friday Challenge that was posted in a Q&A for Excel.  Here it is: ***************************************************************** Plotting a line graph to track build...

How-to Make a Non-Chart Excel Dashboard Chart (Heat Index)

So I saw this chart in an Excel forum and a user was asking this: “chart - not sure about this one I've created a...

Creating Pick Lists in Excel for your Dynamic Dashboard

Creating Pick Lists in Excel If you want to create a dynamic dashboard in Excel, I am sure you will want to use a picklist...

How-to Create a Dynamic Excel Chart that Only Displays Non-Blank Values

Below is a video that may help you as well. How-to make a Dynamic Excel chart that doesn't show blank values so you don't have to...

How-to Make an Excel Area Chart Cliff (Fiscal Cliff Edition)

So all the US news agencies keep talking about the Fiscal Cliff.  This reminded me of a problem that many people have when making...

Halloween Special – Spider Web, Spider and the Fly Chart

In honor of Halloween I thought I would post something fun.  For those that are not in the USA, Halloween is where children dress...
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