Excel Fun Day – Something Fun and Useful That You May Not Know About

Hi All,

Peter reminded me of a really cool option that you have in Excel.

You may have never known about it.  But it is fun and there is a use for it.

Are you excited to learn what it is?

Check out these files:

File 1: Now-Thats-Funny.xlsm

File 2: Werewolves-of-London.xlsm

File 3: Wannabe.xlsm – This one is my favorite Smile

And watch this video:

Okay, now you know.  Excel can Speak, how cool is that!!

Now I don’t have the step-by-step of creating the VBA code (maybe peter can write up how he did that some time in the future Smile) but I can show


1) Add text to any cell or group of cells in Excel.

Just add any old text to your Excel spreadsheet like your favorite song lyrics.

2) Customize and Add the Speak Cells to your Quick Access Toolbar

Okay, it is not easy to find, but you can add the Speak Cells command to your Quick Access Toolbar.  Do this by selecting the drop down arrow from the Quick Access Toolbar as you see here:image

Then pick More Commands from the dialog box:image

Then you will see this dialog box and you want to choose “All Commands” from the “Choose Commands From” drop down list:SNAGHTML28ab5f3

Then from there, you need to search in the list below that pick list for the “Speak Cells” options:SNAGHTML28c5c11

And then press the “Add” button to include them in your Quick Access Tool Bar.  After you do this, you will see them available on your spreadsheet at the top left:image

3) Press the button

Now you just need to select your text and then press the button from your Quick Access Toolbar and if your volume is on, you will hear magic coming from Excel:image

Thanks Peter for the cool files.  You are too cool.  We thought they were funny.  We hope they made you and your co-workers laugh.  If so, let us know in the comments below.