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Overlapped Horizontal Categories

3 Ways to Make Excel Chart Horizontal Categories Fit Better

Have you ever had a chart where your Horizontal Category Labels overlap each other and they are unreadable? Check out this chart to see what...
Clustered Stacked Column Chart by Month Year

Friday Challenge Answers: Year over Year Chart Comparisons

Thanks for the submissions for the Friday Challenge. You can get the sample data and chart request here:  friday-challenge-help-new-to-excel-yoy-comparisons   Here are some other submissions: A) In the...

How-to Graph Three Sets of Data Criteria in an Excel Clustered Column Chart

Here is a very simple solution to a common Excel Charting question when a user wants to graph “Three sets of data criteria on...

Fixing Your Excel Chart When the Multi-Level Category Label Option is Missing.

I am so happy to help my fans, and I saw a recent comment on an older posting of mine and I thought I...

Presenting Metrics Data – How would you create a chart for this data?

In my last post I asked how you would create a chart for this request: Presenting Metrics Data Trying to find the best way to...

Case Study Solution – Mom Needing Help on Science Fair Graphs/Charts

Yesterday I presented a case study on assisting a mom in creating a chart for a science fair. You can read more about it here: Case...
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