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Excel Dashboard Templates Mean Tweets Featured Image

Excel Dashboard Templates – Mean Tweets Edition

Mean Tweets I like to publish what I think are helpful videos and tutorials on my site.  My hope is that they are useful and have...

Excel Fun Day – Something Fun and Useful That You May Not Know About

Hi All, Peter reminded me of a really cool option that you have in Excel. You may have never known about it.  But it is fun...

Soap Story Dashboard

I am traveling about 100% of the time for my current job.  So I spend many more nights in a hotel room than my...

How-to Make an United States Flag Excel Chart (Happy 4th of July)

Happy July 4th (United States Independence Day). I am home and not working too much this holiday, but wanted to send out a post on...

Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Excel

I am getting old .  We all are every second of the day . But,  my spreadsheet experience pre-dates Excel.  Time to take the WAY...

FUN Chart (Happy Mother’s Day!)

Recently I showed you one way that you can make Vertical Categories in an Excel Chart. (see How-to Make Categories for Vertical and Horizontal...

Zombie Pie Chart in Excel – What would you do?

The Walking Dead has been an amazing hit as a new show and is now finishing up its second season.  Unfortunately, I am out...
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