Friday Challenge – Recreate Pete’s Bullet Chart

Our good friend Pete sent me his take on the Recent Bullet Chart posting.  I was dumb founded on how he created it.  In fact, if he hadn’t told me how he did it, I am not sure I could have figured it out.  It is not too difficult, but you need to think out side of the column.  I mean box.

Petes Bullet Chart in Excel

Here is what Pete wrote:

“Here is my take on the bullet chart that you presented.  I like bullet charts and I use them all of the time.  I do, however, prefer a better contrast between the Target and Actual values, so in that regard, I prefer to use a wide grey background for the Target and a black column of a different width (usually narrower) for the Actual values…..[comment removed because Pete told me how he did it here]….”

So download Pete’s chart to see how it is made and then post a comment below and let me know how you think he pulled off this magic chart.  Good luck!


Thanks Pete!  You are a rock star.

PS. Sorry Pete, you are not eligible to compete as you already know the answer 🙂