Friday Challenge – Creating an Excel Graph of Cumulative Events Over Time

Here is a Friday Challenge that a lot of Excel users may run into.

Essentially, you are given a date and incident type that occurred on that date.  However, the user wants to take those columns of data and create a chart of cumulative incidents by date.


Here is the exact request:


“I currently have a table of various events that occurred and the associated date. How can I go about plotting a graph of the cumulative incidence of specific events over time?  For example my table looks something like this:

2 Date Incident Type
3 6/4/2014 A
4 6/25/2014 B
5 7/1/2014 C
6 7/4/2014 A
7 7/4/2014 A
8 7/4/2014 B
9 8/8/2014 C


The Challenge

1) Copy the starting data from the table above to your Excel Worksheet and then create a Chart Data Range for the Cumulative Incidents by Date.

2) Create a Formula that can be used to to Easily create the cumulative values for new dates and new incidence types that may come our way.

3) Create a Chart that Best presents a) what the user wants and b) the chart data.


Good luck and send me a Contact Form request below if you want to share your success!