What is an Excel chart sheet vs. an embedded chart?

With a project ending, interviewing for new jobs, vacation, traveling and taking a training class, it has been difficult to get back to making...

Show or Hide Selected Chart Data Points in Excel with VBA

Okay, for the last challenge, Peter went above and beyond and also submitted a VBA solution to this problem.  Great job Peter! Here is how...

Friday Challenge Submissions: Change Chart from Amount to Percent From a Picklist

I received 2 submissions from the Friday challenge.  Both were awesome in that they are really creative ways to handle the question from the...

Friday Excel Challenge Submissions–Which Chart Solution One Do You Like Best?

Sorry for the late posting.  I was in Atlanta all week working on a new project and going out with the client at night,...

Dynamically Change Excel Bubble Chart Colors

In last week’s Challenge, I posted a question from an Excel User Forum that asked the following: “I've used Excel 2010 to create a bubble...

Friday Challenge – Conditionally Control Excel Bubble Chart Colors

Hi All, Sorry this is a little late.  But better late then never . Here is this week’s Friday Challenge (on Sunday.  I will post my...
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