Friday Challenge – Graph Increase at Time Interval

Hi All, I have been traveling and very, very sick this week.  I am coughing almost every minute or so.  Therefore, I was unable to create the video and post the answer to the last Friday Challenge.  However, we had 3 successful entries from Pete, Leonid and Don, who all made a perfect spectrum charts.    I should be able to post that answer on Monday.  In the meantime, I wanted to give you a new challenge.  and will post the answer on Tuesday.  Here is the Excel user question.  How would you solve it?


“I have some Excel data represented like so. I’m not very good at charting so this is probably kind of simple.

 Graph Increase at Time Interval Data


What is the best way to represent this data in chart form in a way so that I can indicate at what time a value increased in a certain column. For example, the increase in LTE that occurred at 599 seconds? I have done simple graphs that illustrate the sum of these values but I also need to point out when in the Time column the value increased.”


Here is the data file to save you some time:



Leave me a comment if you want to submit an answer and I will send you a personal email.


Good luck.