The Tricks to Writing a Conditional Formatting Rule Formula

When you build your Excel Dashboard, you will frequently want to use Conditional Formatting to create color callouts and other table based dashboard components. ...

What to Do When Formulas Don’t Work from an Exported Report or CSV...

Recently during a Project that was using, I created a custom report and then exported the results to Excel.  This report looked and...
Left Vlookup Formula

Excel VLOOKUP–Left or Right and HLOOKUP Up or Down

Better late than never to the VLOOKUP week as started by Mr. Excel, Bill Jelen. I have never been a big fan of the Excel...

Excel Formulas: Average a Range and Ignore Zero’s (0 Value)

Excel formulas are a wonderful thing, but they may not provide all the flexibility you want when calculating information for your Executive Dashboard display. ...

How-to Show All Formulas in Excel Spreadsheet

Have you ever wondered which cells have actual values entered and which ones are calculated formulas in your Excel spreadsheet?  Perhaps you are auditing...

How-to Show All Named Ranges/Formulas in a List

In our previous posts we discussed how to build your dynamic Excel dashboard template charts by using an Offset formula and named ranges/formulas.  Then...

How-to Easily Paste a Defined Name in Chart Dialog Box

As you are learning to use Excel to develop your Executive Dashboard Templates, you will quickly learn that Defining Names are your friend. Defined names...

How-to Make Excel STOP Selecting Range/Extending Range

While building your Excel Dashboard Templates, have you had the frustrating problem where Excel keeps highlighting a range of cells as you click on...
How-to Hide Pie Slices when Value Equals Zero

How-to Hide a Zero Pie Chart Slice or Stacked Column Chart Section

Okay, we have learned lots of different techniques to build our Company Executive Dashboard using Excel, and today I will give you a taste...

How-to Make a Dynamic Chart Using Offset Formula

In previous posts I have described how to make a Dynamic Chart in Excel for your Dashboard using Tables.  This is a very easy...
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