A Taxing Situation…

In order to prevent vehicle population from growing too fast and also to ease traffic, Shanghai China has begun to auction off license plates.  Other cities in China have also taken similar measures, like Beijing which has started a lottery system for car plates.

In the latest auction bids climbed to an all time high of 58,625 yuan (which is about $9,270 USD).

Here is a similar chart that was presented in the Shanghai Daily:


I added another series to compare the average auction price of the License Plates with the cost of the Chery QQ automobile discussed in the article.

Here is what the Chery QQ looks like in case you haven’t seen one:


Since Dashboards are made up of charts and tables, it is important to understand design concepts around every chart you see.  So ask yourself several questions when you see a graph or chart.  Here are a few questions to consider in your executive company dashboard design:

Do you find the Excel graphic informative without giving you too much information or being confusing?

What would you do differently in the chart?

Is there too much chart junk?

Can you or your executives in the company quickly understand the graphic or do they have to spend an inordinate amount of time to review and know the information?

See if you recreate this chart using Excel like I did.

Let me know what parts you are having trouble with regarding this chart in the comments.