Test Your Excel Knowledge

Excel Knowledge Test

Ever wondered how much knowledge you have of Excel?

Well now is the time to find out Smile.

I have created a quick quiz that you can take to see how you rate when it comes to Microsoft Excel.  Perhaps you can even give it to your potential new hires.  If you are looking for a job, take the quiz to see what Excel functions you need to learn more about.  These questions first appeared in the in the ModelOff 2012 Finals.

Here is how it works:

1) Click on the link to the Excel Quiz at the end of this post.  Then on the quiz page you need to click on the Start Quiz buttonimage

2) You will then see 50 questions of Excel Functions.  You need to name the relevant Excel function for each of the following questions.  Categories include General Functions, Mathematical Functions and Financial Functions.

3) Type in your answer in the space provided.

4) Only one function per question is correct.

5) You only have 25 minutes to complete the quizimage

6) Press finish quiz at the bottomimage

7) You will then see how you did:image

and the current leaderboard:image

8) To add your score to the leader board, you will need to enter your NAME and EMAIL and then click on the SEND button on the right:image

9) To see all the questions and the correct answers, click on the View Questions button.image

10) If you want, you can even retake the quiz.  It is not an easy and not an overly hard Excel quiz.

Good LUCK!

Here are my results:image

I only scored 35 out of 50.  I am really lacking in the Financial functions.

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Based on how you score, I would say you would fit into the following classifications:

Excel MVP >=45

Excel Guru >=40

Excel Master >=35

Excel Expert >=30

Excel Journeyman >=25

Excel Champion >=15

Excel Apprentice <15

After taking the quiz, let me know if I should modify my scale.  Also, let me know in the comments what the trickiest question was in your mind.

Good LUCK!

Excel Functions Quiz

Excel Functions Quiz Leader Board




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