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How-to Quickly Find and Jump to the Right Worksheet Tab in Your Excel Workbook

As Excel users, we may create a spreadsheet with many many many worksheets (tabs at the bottom) within the workbook.  However, if you create...

Show or Hide Selected Chart Data Points in Excel with VBA

Okay, for the last challenge, Peter went above and beyond and also submitted a VBA solution to this problem.  Great job Peter! Here is how...

The Tricks to Writing a Conditional Formatting Rule Formula

When you build your Excel Dashboard, you will frequently want to use Conditional Formatting to create color callouts and other table based dashboard components. ...

How-to Show Excel Chart Data and Keep Chart Size when Hiding Spreadsheet Columns and...

Many times when you are building your Excel Dashboard Templates, you will want to hide rows or columns in the same area as your...

The Easiest Way to Copy An Excel Worksheet – (With Only One Click)

Frequently when working in Excel, I will need to copy an entire worksheet. Copying an entire worksheet is particularly helpful when you are need to...
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