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New Chart Label Leader Lines Available in Excel 2013

Did you know that you can now add Leader Lines to your Excel Charts in Excel 2013?  I didn't know this until just recently. ...

Match Product Chart Colors to Excel Spreadsheet Cells – Pete’s VBA Solution

In the recent Friday Challenge: Create Pipeline Usage Chart A user wanted to create a bar chart where the values had a specific color by...

Friday Challenge Answers – Cumulative Events Over Time

In our recent Friday Challenge, Friday Challenge – Creating an Excel Graph of Cumulative Events Over Time where a user wanted the following:   Creating a graph of...

How-to Quickly Get Excel Function Help Plus a Bonus Tip

In a recent post, I was exploring Excel AverageIF and other Average functions and I realized that I don’t know that much about the...

How-to Add a Rupee Symbol or a Music Note or a Chess Piece to...

A reader, Matt, after reading this post:   How-to Format Chart Axis for Thousands or Millions   And had the following question:   “How do you use this formula without...

Touch vs Mouse Mode in Excel

With all the new affordable touch screen computers out there, you may have purchased one.  However, if you are like me, you may have...

Chart Increase at Time Interval in Excel

Here is my answer to the most recent Friday Challenge.  Would welcome any comments below on what you think (flaws, likes, thoughts…)   In case you...

How-to Add Multiple Charts to an Excel Chart Sheet

In past versions of Excel, the default was that your new chart was put into a chart sheet. You can learn more about chart sheets...

How-to Make a Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Double Lollipop Chart in Excel

In our last Friday Challenge, I proposed making a Double Lollipop Chart seen in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ).   Here is what our final chart...
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