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New Feature Excel Flash Fill Use it for Quick Data Retrieval and Formatting

Excel Flash Fill Every time a new version of Excel is released there are always new features that are hard to find and learn for those...

How-to Add a Hard Return to an Excel Concatenate Formula

Like most Excel users, one of the first formulas that you ever learned to master was the Concatenate Function. But how do you add other...

How to Fix Excel Wrap Text Feature when Your Rows Stop Expanding

In Excel, you will frequently have text that is longer than the cell width and you will often use the Wrap Text feature to...

How-to Split Up Email Address Text with Excel Formulas – Part 2

In my previous Friday Challenge, Tracey wanted to know how to split up email address text in Excel.  The sample text that Tracey wanted...

Friday Challenge – Splitting Up Email Address Text with Excel Formulas

Alright, this challenge was posted by a fan in on my Youtube Channel.  It was posted for this video: “Splitting Cell Text and Numbers...

How-to Make a Tenant Timeline Excel Dashboard Chart

So last week, I posted this question that I responded to in an Excel forum.  I also asked you how you would solve this...

How-to Show an Apostrophe at the Beginning of a Text String in Excel

I saw that an Excel user was having a problem when creating his VBA code and you may run into this problem when you...

What to Do When Formulas Don’t Work from an Exported Salesforce.com Report or CSV...

Recently during a Project that was using Salesforce.com, I created a custom report and then exported the results to Excel.  This report looked and...

The Best Way to Separate Address Text to Multiple Columns

I have been doing an excessive amount of data migration on my last assignment using Microsoft Excel.  Typically I can do this so much...
This how Not to use Concatenate Template Formulas in Excel for Dashboards

How NOT to use Concatenate Function to build Dynamic Text in your Excel Dashboard...

It may seem like a weird title, but I will explain. As you build your Excel Dashboard, you will want to use text for data...
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